Trekking from Nebaj to Todo Santos

Tour Price $260,00

Tour Description

This trekking adventure with a duration of 3 days of walking and a distance of 60 kilometers and a high elevation of 3,837 meters (La Torre) is the non-volcanic mountain chain highest elevation in Central America

From Nebaj lasts for three days starting the hike in the (Region Ixil) to Todos Santos takes you off the beaten track and discover uncharted mountains Cuchumatanes chain where people live inthe remote communities and their traditional routes through 3 zones starting with the region “Maya Ixil, area , then here we will Mam area the “Chaplaincy, La Ventosa, Tower “up to Todos Santos mountain chain that is hardly visited Guatemala with few changes and features as unique as spectacular scenery, green valleys of pine, fir, juniper, oak, madrone is crossed, barren plateaus. The region was one of the hardest hit during the civil war (civil war that lasted 36 years) and memories of massacres and disappearances weigh on the minds of people.


Tour Features

Included Pick up/drop off in your hotel, transport for transfer, 1 night lodgin at a hotel 2 homestays, meals, hot beverage and a tour guide
Included Personal kit and (tips Optional)
Departure Time/ Place 7:00 AM/ Antigua Guatemala
Price: It is per person
What to bring? Backpack, water, sunscreen, warm clothing, rain jacket, hiking shoes, extra food or snacks and flash light