Chichicastenango Market Day

Mayan Dinasty Tours- Salvador Coquix
Tour Price $60,00

Tour Description

This tour is related to the one day tours traditional of Guatemala. The trip begain from Antigua.
The bus goes to pick you up at ypur hotel in Antigua and then it take you to Chichicastenango, your guide will wait you to meet at the parking lot (shuttle station) to pick you up there. This tour consists in a round trip to Chichicastenango’s market day, your guide will show you everything about Chichicastenago, there you would be able to explore the indigenous market day activity and be a witness of the buy-sell of fruits, vegetables, and the art crafts, between locals people. Then you will be visiting the “Santo Tomás” church where the Popol Vuh (the mayans sacred book) was found. You will have the lunch time and at 2pm the bus leave from Chichicastenago to Antigua or Panajachel (Lake Atitlan).


Tour Features

Included: Pick up/drop off in your hotel, shuttle for transfer, entrance fee and a tour guide
Does not include Meals and (tips Optional)
Departure Time/ Place 7:00AM/ Antigua