Luis Benjamin Cholotio Cholotio was the founder of Adventure Atitlan Tours since 2008, he was born and raised in a town that is located south east of Lake Atitlan, specifically in San Juan Laguna, Solola Guatemala. About Mayan Dynasty Tours, we had to switch the name of our company because there is one similar. We are great tour guides team and we are totally mayan tzutujils group ethnic.


Our beginning was through the inspiration of our co-founder, over time he realized that his passion for nature, adventure and Mayan culture motivated him to find a way to work as a tourist guide, that decision led him to study the national tour guide career and since then he met Salvador Coquix who was also looking to become a tour guide, in 2012 we graduated and since then we decided to work for ourselves and until a traffic accident caused Luis’s death. He died in 2018 and then the business was resumed by Luis’s wife, Salvador also joined the team that today we make up Mayan Dynasty Tours.


Luis Benjamin Cholotio Ch.


Luis was our co-founder and the national tour guide, he is from San Juan la Laguna, Solola Guatemala. He was one of our national tour guide and Luis studed in the university to became an English teacher.

Salvador Coquix

Managing Director

My name is Salvador Coquix Lacan. I am an explorer, adventurer, professional tour guide. I graduated in the National tour guides school and authorized by Guatemalan Tourism Boarding (INGUAT) with a licence number 1,141

Maggy Cholotio


Maggy cholotio was born in San Juan La Laguna, Solola Guatemala. She graduated of the career expert accountant. Now he is involved in the tourism industry.